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Master your cost percentage with recipes and menu items

Our auditor will manage your F&B recipes, track cost percentages and ingredient price changes, allowing you to swap ingredients in and out of recipes to create the tastiest and most profitable menu for your business

Get fast and insightful analytics to help you manage your business

Our reports include easy to view analytics such as charts and graphs making it easy to track and compare costs and margins from different cost centers, hence helping you make better decisions quicker

Monitor item-level variance and menu profitability

Our team will bring purchases, issues, inventory and sales onto one platform to analyse any gaps and provide solutions to minimise leakages

Track inventory and purchase efficiently

Allow our inventory expert to take inventory counts of food, beverage, liquor, CCG and other non-food items. Get alerted when you are running low and fill your cart based on weekly usage or par levels. Our ABC analysis will give insights into the efficient stocking and usage of each ingredient

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Set systems and SOPs for better business functioning

We convert an Art into Science by standardising systems and implementing SOPs to maintain consistent quality and predictable outcomes


“From thinking we don’t need services like this to being completely reliant on them - Barometer has been a complete saviour.” 

—  Alex Sanchez, Americano

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