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Our audit team can do the work
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Quick and Easy Inventory 
Barometer provides the comfort of having an experienced auditor to take inventory
  • Count quickly using customised inventory sheets and procedures broken into storage areas

  • Use unit conversions to easily input data

  • Maintain checks and balances to ensure inputs are correct

  • Reduce sitting inventory and eliminate wastage

  • Track requisitions and transfers

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Variance Tracking 
Barometer improves outcomes and reduces costs
  • Gain insights into what your leakages are and ways to control them

  • Get alerted if recipes are not being followed - under portioning, over portioning, wrong ingredient usage​

  • Receive thorough explanations on deviations from ideals from our finished and batch recipe tracker 

  • Get a non-bias view with reliable insights

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Internal Audit 
Barometer keeps a track of all material used for internal consumption
  • Minimise your spoilage and wastage

  • Keep a track of staff food costs and get alerted when costs exceed budgets

  • Track ingredient yields and monitor cost variations in recipes; bring to suppliers notice, if needed

  • Quantify your trial and marketing costs

  • Limit your non commercial costs, complimentary costs and discounts

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Cost Management 
Barometer allows you to keep a close track of your costs
  • Price menu items appropriately by tracking your recipe cost percentages

  • Get up-to-date recipe costs and take action based on cost fluctuations

  • Receive a complete picture of your menu performance by mapping recipes to your POS data

  • Make timely and informed decisions based on your actual costs vs recipe costs

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Reporting and Consulting 
Barometer takes in keen interest in working on the larger picture of profitability
  • Analyse overall monthly costs through a detailed MIS and P/L statement

  • Receive a menu engineering matrix based on profitability vs popularity of items

  • Discuss positives and negatives of previous month, and focus areas for the following month with auditor

  • Solve problems and implement SOPs to standardise operations and gain predictability

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Custom Solutions 
Barometer has the resources and capabilities to create solutions to improve your operations
  • Material Management System with advanced functionality yet easy to use

  • Production planning for central kitchens, bakeries and retail stores

  • Food and beverage delivery and dine-in ordering system for customers

  • QR coding system for tracking material movement

  • End to end sales tracking system

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