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What are bar variances and 6 ways to manage them

Bar variances refer to the difference between the expected and actual amounts of a product or ingredient used in the bar. This can be due to many factors, such as over-pouring, spillage, theft, or incorrect measurements. Bar variances can impact a bar's profitability and reputation, as they can lead to higher costs and lower quality drinks.

Here are some steps you can take to manage bar variances:

  1. Implement portion control measures: Use measured pourers, jiggers, and shot glasses to ensure accurate pouring every time. This will help you avoid over-pouring and improve consistency in your drinks.

  2. Train your bartenders: Regular training on proper pouring techniques and drink recipes will help ensure that your bartenders are following standard procedures and reducing waste.

  3. Monitor inventory: Regularly checking your inventory and sales data will help you identify any variances and take corrective action. Use technology or manual methods to track food and supplies, and analyze sales data to adjust your ordering. Have you tried Barometer?

  4. Establish a reconciliation process: Develop a process for reconciling your inventory and sales data to identify any discrepancies and make necessary adjustments. This process should be done regularly and systematically to ensure that bar variances are detected and corrected in a timely manner. Try Barometer's Bar app.

  5. Implement theft prevention measures: Theft can be a major contributor to bar variances, so it's important to take measures to prevent it. This can include using security cameras, implementing cash control procedures, and regularly checking your inventory.

  6. Regularly review and adjust procedures: Regularly reviewing your procedures and making adjustments as needed will help ensure that you are minimizing waste and maximizing profits. This can involve conducting regular staff meetings, analyzing sales and inventory data, and adjusting portion sizes and drink recipes as needed.

By implementing these steps, you can effectively manage bar variances and maintain the profitability and reputation of your bar. Remember that success requires continuous improvement and adaptation to changes in the market and customer preferences.

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