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Barometer Warehouse

Barometer launches it's new Material Management System (MMS) allowing you to track everything to do with your stores. Capture purchases, requisitions and real-time stock in hand.

The MMS is for you, if you would like to track costs, inventory and control variances to reduce cost %s. The system is applicable to restaurants, bars, bakeries, patisseries, delivery kitchens, QSR chains and more. No matter the size of your organisation - single outlet to a multi-outlet chain, we have you covered!

There has been a tremendous amount of thought put into very detail to make the functionality simple and easy to use. Some key features include:

  • Generate POs to all vendors with one click

  • Set approval permissions for POs

  • Convert POs to purchases

  • Set rate contract for vendors

  • Input inventory to calculate variances

  • Input expiration dates to follow FEFO (first-expiry first-out)

  • Track and analyse stock in real-time

  • Monitor data through dashboards

  • Download monthly item and vendor statements

  • Integrate with accounting softwares like Zoho Books

  • Use on any device - PC, mobile and tablet

Prices begins as low as Rs. 2,500 per month!

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