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Barometer Grassroots

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Barometer launches it's new Grassroots application allowing you to track everything to do with your purchases, expenses and sales.

Grassroots is for you, if you would like to track purchases and expenses. The system is applicable to delivery kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, patisseries, ice-cream parlours, QSR chains and more. We help you get a control of your costs!

We've added another key feature to help generate and track recipe costs:

There has been a tremendous amount of thought put into very detail to make the functionality simple and easy to use. Some key features include:

  • Purchase entry inputs to track food costs

  • Expense entry inputs to populate your P&L

  • Recipe costing tool

  • CRM and sales management

  • Inventory module to indicate your stock value

  • Dashboards for data tracking

  • Downloadable reports for accounting

  • Integrate with accounting softwares like Zoho Books

  • Use on any device - PC, mobile and tablet

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