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Customer Stories

What our customers have to say...


Gauri Devidayal

"Hugely efficient and it's been great working with the team.. Knowing what my exact costs are has been a huge eye opener for us... Barometer has an industry perspective that helps tells us understand where we're doing things wrong. I'd definitely recommend working with them"


Rahul Akerkar

"Using Barometer has been very helpful for us at Qualia, it's helped keep on top of our costs. We've got so many moving costs in this business, it's amazing how Barometer filters through the data to give reasons for why even the smallest have changed. It's quite an eye opener... I feel secure with my data being with team, they maintain confidentiality - you'd be stupid not to use them."

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Amrish Arora

"The one thing we look out for is sincerity and when we met the Barometer team, we saw that. Choosing Barometer to be our partner has really made a difference and we feel that now the Barometer team is part of our team. Our biggest benefit of having Barometer, is that they go all the way with their work and present the reality to you."



Samir Chhabria


Alex Sanchez

"Barometer was able to come in and set up the entire material management and data capture process. It's a perfect system, it's really impressive. What I love about Barometer is that they come in and become part of the team. They take their work as seriously as we do, and have a great eye for detail and are able to catch things before they spiral out of control."


Yash Banage

"They move away from the traditional ways of working, they incorporate technology that improves our efficiency. Now, we get detailed reports which we use to decide what stays on the menu or gets taken off. Coming up with a system to get daily food costs has helped not only me, but also my kitchen and purchase team a lot."



Pooja Dhingra

"Barometer provides an essential service that every restaurant must seek. Their team has gone above and beyond to streamline our costs, production plans and most importantly the Material Management System. I highly recommend working with them."


"Barometer helped keep our costs under control. The overall structures and SOPs that Barometer put in place helped us reduce our F&B costs by 15%. They operate more as a consultancy - their understanding of data and their feedback is phenomenal. It'd very hard to find a substitute."


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